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The dissertation is a classic exercise that is addressed from high school to the end of studies. There are dissertations of French, but also in history, geography, philosophy and in many subjects of the superior. To help you, find in our essay category:

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How to structure your plan?

You need to design a plan that responds to the topic, providing relevant ideas and examples. You have the choice between different types of plan:

  • The dialectical plan: thesis, antithesis, synthesis / overtaking
  • The analytical plan: description / explanation of a situation, analysis of the causes / illustration, analysis of the consequences / comment
  • The thematic plan: reflection on one or more notions to gradually answer the question of the subject by presenting different arguments in an orderly manner.

Be careful, make sure your How to write his essay?

In your writing, use the us or the indefinite pronoun (do not use the I). Avoid mixing the two. Write your introduction and conclusion on a rough draft, but write your development directly to clean (watch your time!). The title of a work that you use as an example must be underlined. It is customary for each paragraph to contain an idea developed in several examples. If you use quotes (enclosed in quotation marks, with square brackets if modified) they must be relevant and commented. Finally, write transition sentences to conclude the part you have just written and announce the next one.

How to write your essay introduction?

The essay introduction is written as follows:

Introduction / hooking / primer: general sentence related to the subject. It can be for example the literary context or the history, any phrase that can hang the reader.

Quote: if it is too long, do not hesitate to rephrase it. Then write your question as a question

Plan Announcement: Use elegant and fluid phrases. Avoid heavy formulations such as “In a first part we will analyze … then in a second part we will be interested in …”

How to build your essay development?

The development consists of 3 parts divided into 3 subparts composed of several paragraphs. These begin with a paragraph, and each part is separated from a line. No title should be given to your parties and subparts. The writing must be elegant and clear. Use neat words.

How to write your conclusion of dissertation?

The conclusion is as follows:

Summary of remarks: review of How to be sure of having treated the subject well?

When preparing for the draft, make sure all your ideas are relevant to the subject and that each idea is illustrated with examples. Do not give your opinion. Also make sure that the elements are organized between them and that the progression of ideas makes sense. Your arguments must be ranked (from the strongest to the weakest, from the least important to the most important, from the counter to the pros, the pros and cons).