The dissertation is a demonstration, it is found at all levels, also in college, in high school for higher studies and for a number of subjects such as English, economics, law … from the literary dissertation to the dissertation economic.

Essay ? It is impossible to override high school, it is an almost mandatory exercise for those who want to access higher education, even if you will be asked to write dissertations. That’s why you need to master this exercise and its components as soon as possible.

But how to do it ?

Do not panic Doc-student, reveals you the keys for a spectacular dissertation! This document is a tool for anyone who wants to learn the inner workings of the dissertation. the dissertation remains the canvas of thought in that it allows a coherent and logical organization of the latter.

Examples for dissertation

Molière: the doctor in spite of himself: Comedy-farce where Molière, ill at the time of the writing denounces the medical environment of his time. This illustrates his contempt, because of their incompetence. the bourgeois gentleman: In this play, Molière makes fun of a rich bourgeois who wants to imitate the behavior and the way of life of the nobles. Being a bourgeois, Mr. Jourdain intends to acquire the manners of quality people. This is the occasion of ceremonial or burlesque situations despised this bourgeois who believes to have reached the highest nobility (“mamamouchi”) Racine: Bajazet: classical tragedy: struggle for power in an Eastern setting (byzance, attempted conspiracy against a Sultan (Amurat): Rivalry between the Bajazet and Amurat brothers, to have the maximum of power it is necessary that he be alone to reign Acomat disgrace wants to ally with Bajazet to exclude the Sultan.